"For these last few days, leave me alone" #neworder #leavemealone #imtired  (at the castle )
"Don’t they know, it’s the end of the world, cause you don’t love me, anymore." Photo @yunaleonard
Anonymous: Hearing about how you overcame your own personal issues with body image and decided to do lingerie and nude shoots is really inspiring to me as a girl who is constantly doubting herself. Thanks for being an inspiration, looking forward to seeing your new photo sets :)

I appreciate that! I’m glad that I could give you some positive influence !

Anonymous: any updates on you doing nude modeling? have you found someone skilled and legit enough?

My psoriasis is not clear yet unfortunately… My medication rose from 35$ to 450$ … I need to get insurance -_-

Anonymous: Where do you get a majority of your circle lenses? At a store? Website? The ones you have are super cute!

Uniqso.com sponsors me !

Anonymous: I saw that you are styling again. Are you dating another photographer?

Hahahaha noooo

Anonymous: How do you deal with breakouts if/when you get them? How do you get them to heal faster?

You mean for psoriasis or acne/pimples? I don’t really break out with acne, I get 1 big pimple though from time to time. I just leave it alone until itll burst haha, and then I pop it and put tooth paste on it and it dries up really well and the next day it’s pretty flat/easy to put makeup on!

Anonymous: what is your opinion about Kendall Jenner's bullying scandal

I really dislike Kendall Jenner and her family and everything they stand for. Personally I don’t find her to really look like a model, she’s just another pretty girl, there isent anything unique about her, she stands out in all of the fashion shows. I don’t condone bullying, that’s just lame. But I understand where these models are coming from, almost all models work soooo hard to get any tiny bit of success. And Kendall just gets to be in the show, not because she went to a casting, but because of her mom or her agent requesting it. She’s been on the cover of magazines for doing nothing, she’s a reality tv star. It’s sickening.

scvmbbi: It's oyasumi pun pun and the ending makes it not worth the read

Yeah a bunch of people rebloggrd it and told me >..

ahegao-intensifies: WAA I WAS UNAWARE YOU HAD A TUMBLR! Just thought I'd let you know that you are incredibly beautiful and hope your day is swell~!

Haha! I’ve been following you since AX ! I love your tumblr and I think you are such a beautiful and unique person! I wish we could hang out in person!!!

Anonymous: How would you plan the best day ever?

Waking up with someone I love in the french country side… Maybe a port town. Discovering all the little shops and cafes and walking through the scenery during the day, going to a nice dinner at night and drinking lots of wine and having lots of sex and then falling asleep at 4am ~*

Anonymous: Heyyy when are you listing your vintage clothes? My money is ready

Actually very soon! I have so much to list its taking awhile to set up my shop >.

The good that won’t come out @pablotastebudz
I had a dream I was a Neko girl last night ~* #neko #kawaii #cute #deandri  (at the castle )