Quick sketch of a new comic idea I have…

@sailor_bee and I yesterday :) a little preview of my Yura of the hair cosplay! (I promise my bangs look better than thus haha ) #cosplay #sailorbee #victoria #yuraofthehair #yura #inuyasha #anime #manga #shonen #villain #kawaii #calltocosplay
Anonymous: Zoe you are the best. Fuck what everyone says :) done deal. You be you and let the hates hate , they clearly have nothing btr to do then harass and bother you lol!

*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・’(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* you’re the best! Thank you!

Anonymous: I want to give you some sort of words of encouragement because people don't realize that words hurt. I'm a fan of your cosplay because not only are they amazing but you also seem like a very nice person. People need to realize that when it comes to things such as cosplaying, drawing, singing, etc people need to have confidence in themselves. What you said seemed to me like words that keep up your confidence especially since people compare themselves to others & it makes you look down on yourself

I really appreciate this, I’m glad you can look at the situation in such a positive way. When you put yourself out there, you really have to have a thick skin…

boringcodemonkey: Michigan for Youmacon. Ever been to any of the cons in Chicago?

I haven’t been to any cons outside of California unfortunately T_T

This selca should illustrate my seriousness in wanting a pink lemonade right now. #pinklemonade #ineed #idk #what #is #this #craving

an oc who lives in space and likes cats