A birthday present from my father, Todd flood. The best birthday present ever! 18 months sober is quite a feat! And I’m so proud if him! I love you dad! Thank you for the amazing birthday present ! #bd #birthday #yay
Are you ready?! #movingunits #kawaii #goingout #punkuuuurockuuuu (at the castle )
It’s not like I like you or anything! Baka… #tsundere #life
Anonymous: Hey Zoe, Cosplay has been getting me really down lately, not for most of the "common" reasons but because I feel so unappreciated. I spend HOURS working in costumes & making them as accurate as humanely possible, then another cosplay can come along, in a costume they bought, flash a little more skin & suddenly they're an "amazing" cosplayer. What would you recommend? I don't want to quit but I don't want to show more skin than I already am, I respect though who do but I personally don't want to

I felt this way for many years, and especially after I got “noticed” . And of course the first time I did something risquΓ© and popular, I became more well known… It’s become some sort of necessary evil hahaha. Anyways, what really helped me to look past that was to improve my self confidence. When I was very shy, didn’t talk to anyone, and compared myself to others (silently) a lot of self doubt was instilled in my mind. But I realized, none of these people matter. And I worked hard on this costume, and I’m the best no matter what! Even if it isent true, people take note of that enthusiasm and confidence. They notice and they flock to you. It’s not about what you are wearing, it’s how you enter a place. If that makes sense? Definitely don’t quit, and don’t let others bring you down. Some peoples motives for Cosplay can be… Disheartening. Especially when they get more recognition. But whatever, fuck em. Be the best you you can be!

Thank you to everyone who came to my birthday yesterday! I know it was small scale but every single one of you who came mean so much to me πŸ’• I love you all so much! Thanks again @movingunitsofficial for throwing this bash for me and @sylviag_ for this kawaii photo hehe #birthday #birthdaygirl #bd #kawaii #glutenfreecake  (at the castle )
Thank you @movingunitsofficial for throwing my birthday party tonight! #bd #birthday #blake  (at the castle )
Anonymous: Happy birthday. I hope your day is Awsome. Are you going to Dragon Con or AWA ?

Nooo I wish god dammit

The saga continues
Suda senpai noticed me, I can die happy now
Cooking Zoe’s world famous vegetable soup today πŸŒ½πŸ πŸ…πŸ² #produce #vegetables #yum
Anonymous: You mentioned that you were in a 5 seconds of summer video. I was wondering which one it was, I don't really follow them but I would like to see you in it :)

It was for amnesia. But idk if it’s out yet?

Anonymous: Where'd you get the lace for your Catherine cosplay? I can't find any that's even remotely similar!

Fashion district! I couldn’t find any online or in regular stores and scoured the fashion district for it!

Me as Mika from #killerisdead by the wonderful @ckentx01 at #animecalifornia ! Had a wonderful time with friends and wearing mika! #mikataekawa #mika #suda51 #cosplay #con #animecalifornia14 #animecalifornia2014 #kawaii #cute #schoolgirl #suda #videogame #ps3 #cosplaygirl #lolita #japanese  (at Anime California)