Anonymous: I'd really love to get your honest opinion on my cosplays but I'm really scared you'll think they're crap.

If I had photos from my early years of cosplay, I would gladly share them with you. They were hand sewn or put together with altered thrift store items, with my own hair or party city wigs I poorly cut and really bad preteen makeup XD this generation is so lucky with the amount of tutorials that are out there for construction on garments and props and the awesome wigs and contacts that are just getting more and more affordable. We all come from somewhere, I didn’t start getting noticed after about 8 years of doing cosplay. But it doesn’t mean I was crap or whatever, I just was going through the learning experience and the journey is the fun pRt! So if you want an honest critique, don’t be afraid that I will right it off in such a shallow way

#animecalifornia I’m ready for you !! Gonna make a new cosplay from the #suda51 game ” killer is dead ” Mika Takekawa ! Ready to be the tallest mika ever Hahahaha #mikatakekawa #suda #killerisdead #cosplay #cosplans #animecalifornia2014 #animecalifornia14 #kawaii  (at Cosplay Sweatshop)
Anonymous: Do you think you'll do more shoots with nudity in them? The ones you've done before are so tasteful and artistic!

I think so. I don’t think I’ll do anything full nude, just cause I really like incorporating fashion with nude/implied elements. But it has to be the right project :) and thank you!

Lol at people talking smack on me winning 3rd place on call to cosplay

I’ve been cosplaying longer than most people in general, and I didn’t win just because I wore a “skimpy dress” I killed it in my performance (as well as my costume being well made and just awesome). My competitors were awesome, and made awesome cosplays, but I was chosen for a reason. Stop trying to de-value my win please,

I have a job interview! \(//∇//)\

I want to try out normalcy for a little bit, might be nice.

Anonymous: Do you know what happened to the brand Johnny & June? I'm dying for the sweetheart monogrammed necklace but i cant find them anywhere! :( They don't have anything on their etsy store.

I think she kind of dissolved the company :/ she was focusing on going to school at FIT and now I think she’s assisting… Sorry about that :(

octavos: You're perfect

I wish! But thank you >.

faceter917: Thanks for answering my question. I watch all of Eleanor's YouTube videos. She is very honest and very kind.

Yes she is! She’s the shit!

Anonymous: If you don't mind me asking, what ethnicity are you and what languages do you speak?

I’m Vietnamese, Mexican and French! I can speak English, French and a little bit of Japanese. I can understand Spanish a little bit and a little Vietnamese :)

b-l-u-s-h: Hope you're doing alright Miss Macross! <3

I’m doing better! Thank you!

baexiao: this is so weird, I met you at Wolf's birthday then stumble upon your tumblr because someone I follow reblogged your picture and then you post a picture with john who I went to highschool with lmao

No way! Small world! Johnny is my forever lover! I hope we run into each other again!

Anonymous: Hate you? Nah. Think you look cute with pigtails? Yes.

Some of the things that happened/ was said would say otherwise, but I find it hilarious people know who I am now hahaha. And thank you! Twintails for life!

You can hate me or whatever but song pull my pigtails when I&#8217;m dancing o(`ω´ )o #kawaii #pastel #ulzzang #outfit #pink #lolita #schoolgirl #twintails #cute