I spent like 40 hours, patterning, ironing, doing math, sewing and putting jewels on this blouse and I absolutely hate the fit…. Why am I shit at sailor collars??? Is there any way to fix the shoulders? I really hate what they are doing… Ugh. #babydoll #suckerpunch #cosplay #cosplayhelp #ihatemylife
My spirit animal #mokona #magicknightsrayearth #pupupu #puuuuu!
I’m probably going mad
Anonymous: I feel like I've fallen for you, really hard, even though you live in another country. It sucks.

Uhhhhmuhmmmmm I’m sorry :(

Anonymous: whenever i see some of your pictures i think of mylene jampanoi! do you speak french?

Oh thank you! She is quite the bombshell… And yes, I speak it, but it’s pretty rusty/pathetic these days -_-

arb0real: i find it very weird that you would tag a video of yourself making weird faces with 'japanese' and 'korean'. I get that you have japanese heritage but still, its not like you tagged it 'french' or 'american' either. And as for why you tagged it korean I'm completely lost...

Oh haha, uhh I only tag it those things because of the aesthetic go my style of makeup and hair and clothing I guess, if you look at the tags on Instagram you would understand. I hope that’s not offensive to anyone… But I’m prob failing at social media haha

My stepfather thinks gluten intolerance isent a real thing, lolololol

He acts so conservative for a 33 year old guy who refers to other guys as “dawgs” (he’s white) and has a ton of tattoos and reads manga… That guys is a walking anomaly

Bath time ~*
#flashbackfriday to when I first moved to silverlake when I was a wee fledgeling haha . American apparel dead stock vintage glasses, check. Vintage altered babydoll dress with 80s print, check. Layered swapmeet jewelry, check. Black tights, check. Sounds a lot like 2007, I was so hip. #silverlake #hipster #teenager #fbf
What am I doing with my life
It’s so hot lately, I’m pretty sure it’s yukata season again! Can’t wait to revamp my chii yukata for Nisei week eeee #chobits #cosplay #chii #manga #clamp #anime #niseiweek #littletokyo #yukata
I never shared this amazing artwork I got from @blokmagnaye !! I think it’s pretty spot on! Check out his work please! #artwork #fanart #me #portrait
fabricemabillot: you're a bit beautiful each day

Thank you fabrice! I want to shoot with you still one day T_T