Fellow fans of rad music, tomorrow night (Thursday) @movingunitsofficial will be headlining an epic show at The Observatory ! It’s all ages so yay! Come out and dance with us! @mikedelgod @downieboz @dannvandamage #theobservatory #santaana #movingunits #blakemiller #danceparty #show #dress #up #and #have #fun #!
You know I always liked a good party #notmuchhaschanged
Wishing for short hair right now #it’s hot
I got terrible news that my family’s dog has cancer… And they aren’t doing anything about it since she is old and chemo would be too hard on her…

I understand why… But I was in Gelsons when I heard the news via voicemail and I just had to run out and cry… I’ve finally stopped for now. But i have such a heavy pain in my throat and chest… It’s like my heart actually hurts. I can’t help but to think about the mortality of the people and creatures I love and care about… How will she die? Surrounded by loved ones while she silently passes? On a cold vet’s table while my mother strokes her body until her heart stops? Will it be in the dead of the night when she’s in pain and her brother will be whimpering to wake her up and only for her to be discovered the next morning? …

A little off topic, but i was on Facebook, after calming down but still filled with such a sad emotion… And I see this cosplayer who has been posting photos and videos of herself for the past 3 days crying over the death of a fictional anime character. She posted about how someone messaged her to tell her to stop being a baby, and she wrote this dramatic post about it. And everyone in the comments is so mad about this… I’ve cried from watching anime series before, but nothing like this. I just felt so disconnected. How do these people have such loose grips of reality? Maybe she’s over sensitive, and if she had a person close to her die her emotions would be 100x even more dramatic(even though she really seems like she is mourning an actual dead person). But she’s also someone who often posts about hating the humans/not identifying with them, so I feel like she lacks the compassion really…. I don’t know it left a disgusting taste in my mouth…

It also makes me think about my friend in New York who is suffering from cancer… And things don’t look too bright for him… I hope I can see him before anything happens….

I met/hung out with @porterrobinson ‘s awesome and beautiful girlfriend @iiixvnicole last night, this girl is amazing! And takes great selcas with me hehe (even when porter is creepin lolol) #nicole #porterrobinson #hangout #newfriend #kawaii #meow
I did the thing you guys, LOOK AT MY HAIR . Just got done getting dolled up for @porterrobinson show tonight eeeeeee #porterrobinson #kyary #ombre #twintails #kawaii #cute #lolita
Gonna see the dude tonight @porterrobinson ✨ wish you were there @elleanor1222 #porterrobinson #lionhearted #girlgang #kawaii
So tempted to do this to my hair…. #kyary
Happy birthday to @bryy ! Wish I could take you out to king krule again 😭 #brydenjenkins #happybirthday !  (at The Echo)
I’m sad when your doing well, and I’m sad when you are doing poorly

The only time I’m not sad id when I’m with you

So… I think I’m gonna do more nude modeling

I’m so tired of being afraid of my body… Weather it be psoriasis or a guy or my fans telling me not to, I’m tired of that. I want to finally feel comfortable in my own skin and I think it might be really liberating.

That moment when you notice the age difference
Wish I could still do the bulma bunny suit 😠 #bulma #dbz #dragonball #cosplay #dragonballz #bunnysuit #kawaii
Anonymous: yes! THe 5sos video came out awhile ago!

I saw it! It seems they scrapped the whole video I was in and made a whole new one! They spent like hundreds of thousands of dollars on it, that sucks they wasted so much resources